Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hydropolis the worlds first underwater hotel

Currently under construction in Dubai, Hydro polis is the world’s first luxury underwater hotel. It will include three elements: the land station, where guests will be welcomed, the connecting tunnel, which will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel, and the 220 suites within the submarine leisure complex. Great photos.

It is one of the largest contemporary construction projects in the world, covering an area of 260 hectares, about the size of London’s Hyde Park. "Hydropolis is not a project; it’s a passion," enthuses Joachim Hauser, the developer and designer of the hotel. His futuristic vision is about to take shape 20m below the surface of the Arabian Gulf, just off the Jumeirah Beach coastline in Dubai. The £300 million, 220-suite hotel is due to open at the end of 2007 and will incorporate a host of innovations that will take it far beyond the original blueprint for an underwater complex worthy of Jules Verne.

There are only a few locations in the world where such a grandiose dream could be realized. A high proportion of today’s architectural marvels are materializing like fanciful mirages from the desert sands. We have come to expect extravagant enterprises to be mounted in the Middle East, and especially in Dubai. "This venture could only be born here in Dubai," says Hauser. "It [has] a very open-minded, international community - and that’s what makes it so special."

The land on which Hydropolis is being built belongs to His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai. It was his last free beach property on this stretch of coast. The project is a fantastic one, yet Sheikh Mohammed’s success record with comparable schemes instills confidence that science fiction can become fact. With his support, several companies have been formed to
kick-start this phenomenal project, and around 150 firms are currently involved.

"There have been many visions of colonizing the sea - Jules Verne, Jean Gusto and several Japanese architects - but no one has ever managed to realize this dream," says Hauser. "That was the most challenging factor, and that’s what makes it so fascinating. Despite being a dream of mankind for centuries, nobody has ever been able to make living underwater possible."


The original idea for Hydropolis developed out of Hauser’s passion for water and the sea, and goes much deeper than just building a hotel underwater. More than just curiosity, it is a commitment to a more far-reaching philosophy. "Once you start digging deeper and deeper into the subject, you can’t help being fascinated and you start caring about all the associated issues," he explains. "Humans consist of 80% water, the earth consists of 80% water; without water there is no life."

Hydropolis reproduces the human organism in an architectural design. There is a direct analogy between the physiology of man and the architecture. The geometrical element is a figure eight lying on its side and inscribed in a circle. The spaces created in the basin will contain function areas, such as restaurants, bars, meeting rooms and theme suites. These can be compared to the components of the human organism: the motor functions and the nervous and cardiovascular systems, with the central sinus knot representing the pulse of all life.

The ballroom, located at this nerve center, will have asymmetrical pathways connecting the different stores along ramps. A large, petal-like retracting roof will enable the staging of open-sky events. Staircases, lifts and ramps will provide access to the ballroom, while flanking catering areas will supply banquets and receptions.


In order to enter this surreal space, visitors will begin at the land station. This 120m woven, semicircular cylinder will arch over a multi-story building. On the lowest level passengers board a noiseless train propelled by fully automated cable along a modular, self-supporting steel guide way to Hydropolis. A just-in-time and
on-demand logistical system will facilitate efficient supply of goods to the hotel.

The upper store's of the land station house a variety of facilities, including a cosmetic surgical clinic, a marine biological research laboratory and conference facilities. On the lower levels are the staff rooms, goods storage and loading areas, and hotel and parking areas.

The land station also includes a restaurant and high-tech cinema screening the evolution of life in the ocean and the history of underwater architecture. As a finale, the screen will open to reveal the real-life Hydropolis. A viewing platform at the front opening of the spanning roof will allow views of the architecture as well as the light shows of Hydropolis.


This structure promises to be a conceptual as well as a physical landmark. While human beings accept the existence of water, we have only a superficial appreciation of its significance. "We waste it, go swimming in it and generally take it for granted," says Hauser. "Humans could actually live self-sufficiently underwater, generating energy, nurturing food supplies and so on. This is why we are starting a
foundation to demonstrate something of the importance of water in our lives.

"My general plan was to create a living space in the sea. My initial proposal was a deep-sea project, which looked very different. I had to adjust to the local reality of the natural surroundings and change to a shallow water construction.

"We want to create the first ever faculty for marine architecture because I believe that the future lies in the sea, including the future of city planning. I am certain that one day a whole city will be built in the sea. Our aim is to lay the first mosaic by colonizing the sea."

Hauser plans to incorporate many different elements associated with the sea. The cosmetics will be ocean-based, the cinemas will screen films that focus on aquatic themes and a children’s sea world will educate as well as entertain.

He views his creation as a place where those who do not dive - or do not even swim - can experience the tranquility and inspiration of the underwater world. "We are expecting around 3,000 visitors per day in addition to the hotel guests. The aim is to inspire people to develop a new awareness of the sea."

As well as emphasizing the positive aspects of water, Hauser also believes we are systematically destroying marine life, and thus wishes to draw attention to various dangers and problems, such as the loss of algae and the destruction of the coral reefs.


Dreams, however fabulous, remain unfulfilled without the cash to support the commitment. "The hardest part of the process was finding sponsorship to the tune of €550 million," admits Hauser. "That’s what brought me to Dubai. Still, it was a battle which took two-and-a-half years and proved tougher than developing the project itself. No bank would pay such an amount. It’s a risky investment, as there are no
pilots. We had to convince investors that it is safe and will bring returns on investment."

With official blessing, the Dubai Development & Investment Authority (DDIA) established a framework to handle grants and authorizations. Once the financial backing was guaranteed, the sonar analysis of the seabed complete and 7,000 anchors in place, construction began in summer 2005.

"We are sure that this hotel will set a precedent," says Hauser. "Crescent-Hydropolis is now planning a chain of underwater hotels, and nine countries have shown interest. Some will be the realization of my initial deep-sea design." Hauser has even chosen to make his permanent home in Dubai. "And that won’t change after the project [is finished], regardless of where our next project will be. The infrastructure is
exceptionally good here - and it seldom rains!"

Hydropolis in Dubai is the world’s first luxury underwater hotel.

In order to enter this surreal space, visitors will begin at the land station. This 120m woven, semicircular cylinder will arch over a multi-store building. In order to enter this surreal space, visitors will begin at the land station. This 120m woven, semicircular cylinder will arch over a multi-storey building.

Hydropolis is about to take shape 20m below the surface of the Arabian Gulf, just off the Jumeirah Beach. The land belongs to His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and was his last free beach property on this stretch of coast.

Hauser plans to incorporate many different elements associated with the sea. He views his creation as a place where those who do not dive - or do not even swim - can experience the tranquility and inspiration of the underwater world.

The upper stores of the land station house a variety of facilities, including a cosmetic surgical clinic, a marine biological research laboratory and conference facilities.

Your name in Japanese

PS. I would appreciate it if you called me by my Japanese name in future.

A : ka

B : tu

C : mi

D : te

E : ku

F : lu

G : ji

H : ri

I : ki

J : zu

K : me

L : ta

M : rin

N : to

O : mo

P : no

Q : ke

R : shi

S : ari

T : s

U : do

V : ru

W : mei

X : na

Y : fu

Z : zi

Perkara-perkara yang membuat kita hilang ingatan dan tumpul minda

Kurangkan makan bawang besar
Kurangkan makan berempah
Kurangkan makan ketumbar kering
Kurangkan menonton hiburan
Kurangkan membaca majalah hiburan
Kurangkan ketawa yang panjang atau terbahak-bahak
Kurangkan minuman air batu,air dalam tin(100 plus dan lain2)
Kurangkan makan organ dalaman ayam terutamanya kanak2
Jangan makan kepala ikan
Jangan minum air yang ada semut
Jangan tidur selepas subuh
Jangan tidur selepas asar
Jangan tidur selepas makan
Jangan makan terlalu kenyang
Jangan makan berat selepas jam 9.00 malam
Jangan menyapu rumah pada waktu malam
Jangan makan yang masam-masam berlebihan
Jangan dicampur makan laut dan darat dalam satu hidangan
Jangan minum susu selepas memakan daging/ayam
Perkara-perkara yang perlu diamalkan
Selalu makan buah manisan seperti kurma dan lain2
Selalu makan makanan yang panas2
Selalu memakan kekacang seperti kacang soya @ badam dan lain2
Selalu minum air masak
Selalu makan ulam2
Selalu mengamalkan pandangan hijau
Selalu bersenam
Selau menggunakan imajenasi otak
Banyakkan memakan makanan berasaskan gandum/soya
Banyakkan aktiviti berkhemah di hutan/pantai(yang mempunyai pokok) kerana disitulah terdapat banyak ion2 negetif dan cahaya matahari infra merah (terutama pada waktu pagi) yang amat diperlukan oleh tubuh badan,kerana hanya kawasan seperti ini sahaja yang mempunyai % yang cukup untuk kegunaan kita seharian berbanding dalam bangunan batu ianya terlalu sedikit
Jangan ego
Jangan dengki pada orang lain
Jangan makan dari sumber yang tidak halal
Jangan memberi anak makan makanan dari sumber yang tidak halal
Jangan makan makanan yang ada pewarna
Jangan makan makanan yang ada pengawet
Jangan mengunakan minyak masak lebih dari 2 kali
Jangan mandi selepas 9.00malam
......dan yang paling penting dibawah ini........
selamat beramal.....

Jangan sengaja lewatkan solat.
Perbuatan ini Allah tidak suka.
Kalau tertidur lain cerita.

Jangan masuk ke bilik air tanpa memakai alas
kaki (selipar).
Takut kalau-kalau terbawa keluar najis,
mengotori seluruh rumah kita.

Jangan makan dan minum dalam
bekas yang pecah atau sumbing.
Makruh kerana ia membahayakan.

Jangan biarkan pinggan mangkuk yang telah
digunakan tidak berbasuh.
Makruh dan mewarisi kepapaan.

Jangan tidur selepas solat Subuh, nanti
rezeki mahal
(kerana berpagi-pagi itu membuka pintu

Jangan makan tanpa membaca BISMILLAH dan doa makan.
Nanti rezeki kita dikongsi syaitan.

Jangan keluar rumah
tanpa niat untuk membuat kebaikan.
Takut-takut kita mati dalam

Jangan pakai sepatu atau selipar yang
berlainan pasangan.
Makruh dan mewarisi kepapaan.

Jangan biarkan mata liar di perjalanan.
Nanti hati kita gelap
diselaputi dosa.

Jangan menangguh taubat bila berbuat
dosa kerana mati boleh datang
bila-bila masa.

Jangan ego untuk meminta maaf pada
ibu bapa dan sesama manusia
kalau memang kita bersalah.

Jangan mengumpat sesama rakan
taulan. Nanti rosak persahabatan kita
hilang bahagia.

Jangan lupa bergantung kepada ALLAH
dalam setiap kerja kita.

Nantikita sombong apabila berjaya.
Kalau gagal kecewa pula.

Jangan bakhil untuk bersedekah.
Sedekah itu memanjangkan umur
dan memurahkan rezeki kita.

Jangan banyak ketawa. Nanti mati jiwa.

Jangan biasakan berbohong, kerana ia adalah
ciri-ciri munafik dan
menghilangkan kasih orang kepada kita.

Jangan suka menganiaya manusia atau haiwan. Doa
makhluk yang teraniaya
cepat dimakbulkan ALLAH.

Jangan terlalu susah hati dengan urusan dunia.
Akhirat itu lebih utama
dan hidup di sana lebih lama dan kekal selamanya.

Jangan mempertikaikan kenapa ISLAM itu berkata JANGAN.
Sebab semuanya untuk keselamatan kita.

ALLAH lebih tahu apa yang terbaik
untuk hamba ciptaanNya.

"Sebarkanlah ajaranku walau satu ayat pun"
(Sabda Rasulullah SAW)

"Nescaya Allah memperbaiki bagimu amalan-amalanmu dan mengampuni bagimu dosa-dosamu. Dan barangsiapa mentaati Allah dan Rasul-Nya, maka sesungguhnya ia telah mendapat kemenangan yang besar."

(Surah Al-Ahzab:71) -


In an apocalyptic vision of the future, authorities brutally quarantine Scotland as it succumbs to fear and chaos when a virus strikes. The literal walling–off works for three decades – until the dreaded Reaper virus violently resurfaces in London. An elite group of specialists, captained by Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra), is urgently dispatched into the still–quarantined country to retrieve a cure by any means necessary. Shut off from the rest of the world, the unit must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare. Now, 27 years after the epidemic, groups of survivors are marauding through the streets of Glasgow and the virus has surfaced outside the wall. The British P.M., John Hatcher (Alexander Siddig), and his ruthless chief advisor, Michael Canaris (David O‘Hara), have decided to send a covert team into Scotland to search for a cure. On the recommendation of Chief of Police Bill Nelson (Bob Hoskins), Eden is a no–nonsense cop who was evacuated from Scotland as a child. She is told to seek out a scientist named Kane (Malcolm McDowell), who is the most likely survivor to possess the cure. Once within the containment zone, however, she finds that such a task will not be easily accomplished. There are two barbaric factions at war – one led by Kane and the other by his son, Sol (Craig Conway) – and both want Sinclair and her compatriots dead.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jeram Toi 6 July

Kali ney konvoi ngan bdk2 poli pergi mandi air terjun kat Jeram Toi.. On the way pergi Seremban... Ikut highway Nilai x sampai 20 minit dah sampai... Masa pergi ikut jalan lamer.. ikut Semenyih... balik ikut highway... x byak gambar amik sebab sampai2 terus terjun.. best giler n ramai orang... satu ekspedisi air terjun yang best...

Genting Theme Park... 2 Julai 08

Gamba ney maser kita owg berkayak... bley thn penat gak... dahla baru lepas mkn....

gambar dengan london bas n public phone.. kalu nak tangkap gambar dekat dalam dier kener g order makan yang mahal nak mampos... gilerlah...

gamabr 2 kita owg tangkap kat mc d dekat kl sentral.. oleh sebab lambat ktowh kener naik bas pkul 12n kitaowg melangok gak ar kat c2...

gambar 2 maser kt owg otw nak pergi outdoor theme park.. berjalan lah kiter...

12 antara suasana dari luar n yang ader kat outdoor theme park...

yang ini plak suasana dalam indoor first world... lawakan dekat dalam 2...

ney gambar maser naik ferris wheel... ak naik ngan farah n muz... muz takot naik benda 2.. memang ak gelak besarlah....

gambar ney plak maser naik venice gondola.. padahal mesin jerktau.. konon2 ala paris lah 2...

gambar ktowg posing....

gambar berlatarkan cruise aper ntah.. x ingatlah...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Agnes Monica - Matahariku (OST Jelita)

Agnes berperan sebagai Jelita, gadis cantik yang riang, bersemangat, berani, dan berjiwa sosial tinggi. Namun, dia sangat benci dengan orang kaya karena sejak kecil Jelita didoktrin oleh ibunya untuk membenci orang kaya yang selalu mementingkan diri sendiri dan membuat hidup para gadis menderita.

Sementara, Dirly berperan sebagai Bayu, anak orang kaya yang sangat membenci orang miskin.

Hampir serupa dengan beberapa sinetron kebanyakan, si miskin bertemu dan jatuh cinta dengan si kaya. Begitu pula sinetron Jelita ini. Takdir mempertemukan Jelita dan Bayu.

Pertemuan yang tidak sengaja menimbulkan rasa cinta diantara keduanya. Kejelitaan dan keriangan Jelita membuat Bayu terpukau.

tertutup sudah pintu, pintu hatiku
yang pernah dibuka waktu, hanya untukmu
kini kau pergi dari hidupku
ku harus relakanmu walau aku tak mau

* berjuta warna pelangi di dalam hati
sejenak luluh bergeming menjauh pergi
tak ada lagi cahaya suci
semua nada beranjak, aku terdiam sepi

** dengarlah matahariku suara tangisanku
ku bersedih karna panah cinta menusuk jantungku
ucapkan matahariku puisi tentang hidupku
tentangku yang tak mampu melakukan waktu

repeat *

dengarkanlah kau matahariku

dengarlah matahariku suara tangisanku
ku bersedih karna panah cinta menusuk jantungku

repeat **

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Friday, July 04, 2008

Kem Belia 28-29 Jun

hjg minggu yang menarik... ak pergi kem belia di eco resort... Perkampungan latihan Dusun Eco Resort terletak di Bentong, Pahang bertemakan Eco- Tourism. Selaras dengan tema ini yang memberi tumpuan kepada ekologi, nama-nama chalet dan dewan dinamakan dengan nama-nama bunga, ikan, burung-burung dan pokok-pokok hutan yang terdapat di kawasan hutan tropika dalam Negeri Pahang. Oleh kerana resort ini terletak dalam daerah Bentong, Pahang tidak ketinggalan juga memperkenalkan Bentong dan Negeri Pahang sebagai destinasi Eco-Tourism . Nama-nama chalet menggunakan nama-nama kampung dalam daerah Bentong seperti Ketari, Karak, Janda Baik, Lebu, Lurah Bilut, Telemong dan Simpang Pelangai manakala nama-nama bandar dalam Negeri Pahang seperti Kuantan, Pekan, Rompin, Maran, Jerantut, Temerloh, Raub, Lipis dll dijadikan nama-nama chalet. Nama-nama dewan selain menggunakan nama-nama ikan sungai yang terkenal seperti jelawat, patin, keli, dan haruan juga menggunakan nama 3 mukim dalam daerah Bentong iaitu Bentong, Pelangai dan Sabai. Bersesuaian dengan nama dusun, beberapa chalet juga turut dinamakan dengan nama buah-buahan tempatan seperti rambutan, manggis, duku, langsat, dokong, durian, nangka, cempedak dll, pokok bunga seperti bunga melor, melati, kekwa dll, buah hutan seperti petai dan jering dan pokok hutan seperti jati, merbau, meranti dll digunakan kepada asrama dan chalet. Pengunjung akan dapat mempelajari sedikit sebanyak mengenai daerah Bentong, Negeri Pahang, nama-nama pokok hutan, bunga-bunga, buah-buahan dan ikan sungai yang menjadi makanan kesukaan ramai pada masa kini.

kem ney anjuran belia bandar kinrara... ak tumpang sekaki... sebab anis anak urus setia.. thank you frenz.. sbb ajak akue... kita org bergerak menaiki bas dan semua berkumpul... jam 8 pagi.. di rumah En Rosli... ramai gak. tp ramai bdk sekolah menengah.. x kenal pun... yang ak kenal pun... anis n adik beradik dier... n bebudak kelas anis yang lain... kita owg berhenti di rnr bkt jalil dapat breakfast nasik lemak kuih n air mineral... sampai dekat resort tu area pukul 12 lebih... n resort ney terlatak kat bentong... n depan dr janda baik.. bas hanya beleh naik sampai parking... utk naik ker resort kami menaiki trailer.. tp bdk pempuan naik unser kereta en Rosli..

sampai kat sana kami mengagihkan kumpulan.. dan juga bilik... bilik lebih kelihatan macam dorm...

kami makan pada pukul 1.30 pm di dewan makan... yang menaiknya... kami makan mengikut group seramai 8 org... n selesai makan kami kener basuh semua pinggan yang kami gunakan... unik tp sungguh berdisplin.. bdk laki yang jarang basuh pinggan kat umah kener berdikarilah beb...
selesai solat zuhur...

kami akan bersiap utk aktiviti rentas halangan... mencabar giler... sebiji macam aktiviti plkn.. selesai semua aktiviti kami mandi di kolam kat resort tue...

Terdiri daripada 12 jenis halangan mencabar yang setiap satunya mempunyai fungsi, keseronokan serta kepuasan tersendiri.
Senarai Aktiviti

  • Halangan Tembok
  • One Step Ladder
  • Straight Walk
  • Spider Net
  • Side Walk
  • One Step Swing
  • Titian Balak
  • Kargo Net
  • Gelung Tayar
  • Balancing 'V'
  • Commando Crawl
  • Commando Crop

lepas solat maghrib kami mendengar ceramah oleh Ustaz... banyak manfaat yang ak dapat drpd ceramah 2...

keesokan harinya pagi2 lepas breakfast kami pergi utk aktiviti flying fox... memang gilerlah.. sebelum sampai ker tempat flying fox kami kener melalui jambatan gantung yg giler...

tp aktiviti flying fox best giler...
selesai 2 aktiviti bebas... n makan pada pukul 1.30pm... kami bersiap sedia balik... walaupun badan sengal2... tp manfaat yang kami dapat 2.. merempuh halangan dan juga membina kekuatan dan menghindarkan ketakutan... menjadikan lebih yakin diri n muhasabah diri.....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lirik OST Cinderella - Masih Saling Mencintai

aku manusia yang lemah
maafkanlah bila ku tak bisa
menjaga semua yang telah kita bina bersama
aku juga manusia biasa

yang tak luput dengan kekurangan

tapi ku tak ingin diduakan
apalagi dilupakan
* tapi apalah dayaku
semua telah terjadi
namun kuingin kau tahu

aku masih cinta

bila kau memang cinta padaku
janganlah kau pergi dari hidupku

bila kita memang saling mencinta

mengapa kita harus berpisah
bila cinta ada di hati kita

dan percayalah kita kan bersama

Lirik OST Cinderella - Cinta Yang Hilang

* hilang semua janji
semua mimpi-mimpi indah
hancur hati ini melihat semua ini
lenyap telah lenyap
kebahagiaan di hati
ku hanya bisa menangisi semua ini
hancur hati ini melihat kau telah pergi

** langit menjadi gelap berkelabu
menyelimuti hatiku
mengubah seluruh hidupku
mengapa semua jadi begini
perpisahan yang terjadi
di antara kita berdua
ku akan menanti sebuah keajaiban
yang membuat kita bisa bersama kembali

repeat *, **

wanted movie

25-year-old Wes was the most disaffected, cube-dwelling drone the planet had ever known. His boss chewed him out hourly, his girlfriend ignored him routinely and his life plodded on interminably. Everyone was certain this disengaged slacker would amount to nothing. There was little else for Wes to do but wile away the days and die in his slow, clock-punching rut. Until he met a woman named Fox. After his estranged father is murdered, the deadly sexy Fox recruits Wes into the Fraternity, a secret society that trains Wes to avenge his dad's death by unlocking his dormant powers. As she teaches him how to develop lightning-quick reflexes and phenomenal agility, Wes discovers this team lives by an ancient, unbreakable code: carry out the death orders given by fate itself. With wickedly brilliant tutors--including the Fraternity's enigmatic leader, Sloan--Wes grows to enjoy all the strength he ever wanted. But, slowly, he begins to realize there is more to his dangerous associates than meets the eye. And as he wavers between newfound heroism and vengeance, Wes will come to learn what no one could ever teach him: he alone controls his destiny.