Thursday, October 27, 2011

We are been cursed

Oh my Gucci… what the heck? This evening after work I’ve hear ghastly news. Then it wreck all my evening. Supposed I have an aerobic session today at my office. Unluckily I have left my track suit. If I discern that evening was a horrific day it will be my bliss to set off to Mydin and bought a new one.

In my arrangement to leave to Mydin for purchase my friends stuff, then, went home and on the way pick up a foodstuff for tomorrow meeting at Petaling Jaya. First thing when I arrive at a car I get bad information, then it mess up my atmosphere and barge in my mind. The entire way to Mydin is messed up when I’m not focus and I go to wrong way and have to U turn very far away.

On the way to Mydin following very extreme u-turn out to be more settle down after I fling away my emotion toward my friends. She is an excellent listener. Thank you K Ikin.

After buy a few things, we certain to have dinner at the cafeteria. Then we’ve been stopped up by a few sales people. They trade electrical appliances, which for me crave a free gift as counter after filled up a few item. Then it becomes one hour chat that very retiring and a slight comical.

Afterward past dinner I send K ikin back home, and then carry on my drive to Petaling Jaya then back house. It was very exhausted and we been cursed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Learn to forget

What the hardest thing to be me is solid to forget. But in my genuine way I always forgive. Thank you for all the benevolence and detestation. You make me become more mature. You make me discover from that experience. This is my last resort about you. Thanks for the experience.

I will learn from this experience. Be deaf when I heard about the thing that I hate. Be blind when I don’t want to see the thing I hate most. Be dumb when I feel mostly hurt. Most welcome from this experience is how ‘good’ people can be.

Now I scrub out you from my reminiscence. Thank you. Bye.

Bitter Heart

When heart been hurt.

Bitter heart.

Azah can u share it in your deepest heart.

Dig it to very deep.

Cause your heart been hurt.

And I don’t want to make it out from my heart.

Since the time you share it.

You make other heart harm presently to cure your other hurt heart.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gentleman where are u?

Early morning drive with new guts went to workplace, out of the blue “Pinnnnnnnnnnn”. I was being horned. Can’t you be tolerant a bit? There’ll be one more side of road; if you want go faster than me you are permissible to use other side. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dazzling of scarf

Behind of beautiful and colorful hair there a teenager has a waving feeling. She always thinking how beautiful a piece of scarf can make a peace of mind. Back then she sense hockey was the supreme psychologist that can give serenity. Everything amend when she wearing that piece.

Logically everyday uniform was wearing that white scarf that have double piece. But today she was attempt by that gorgeous piece. Then mister heart says… you will look different in that piece. Since that day every time she surpass bunch with those beautiful scarf she purchase as compilation for future.

After a many years of user of scarf she occurrence the similar mode as each time she wear those scarf. Each second of consciousness for the first time that each one gives as response was the wonderful. Firstly mom, she come and hugging like it was amazing day. Then the rest is family, relatives and friend. Thank you everyone for those smile and encouragement.

The reason when first lover is as a standard for the then relationship. Back then, his first impression when we are going out with entirely scarf was justly miraculous me. That day the only one who keeps chatting in every conversation is me. Because he barely smile and look at me like I will disappeared forever. Then end of our date, he give me a bouquet of white lily, a card, and a present. He asks me to open it when I get to room and then call him later.
The card was written congrats and thank you. The present was a piece of scarf with beautiful flower print. The printed was customized by him payable to my favorite lily.


Philanthropy means ‘the love of humanity’. Nowadays everyday we hear about how thick human can be in this world because of following their gluttonous lust. Every second there a news concerning to baby dumping case, suicide, and sodomy between father and 28 days baby boys. The reason is back to their way of thinking and personality. Responsibility and commitment toward human right only just an utterance.

From time to time it makes me scared to look at news either television or newspaper. There will be a lot of crime issues and had a lot of bizarre thing that cant be accepted due to rational thinking. This is what people call of the human end of time. Looking back to old days, moment in time our mom generation how sexiest and tight their ‘kebaya’ and how short their sport entire, there’s still zero ridiculous crime happen. But still ensue crime but in other thing of issue. Nonetheless among families there still no secure causes of reports of raping cases between brother and sister.

End of the day all this mania is back to us. Start with new born baby to family. Parenthood skill inserts a lot of love and slot in element of religious from home. Then, we continuously education from home with all element such morale values, religious and human right.